To Cook Is To Blog.

by norealplot

My mother — a sublime cook — has never once photographed a meal to show anyone who wasn’t there to eat it in the first place.  Is she just more grown-up and self-confident than my attention-hungry, food-blogging, instagram-ing generation?  Or has she really missed a good thing?

We can’t say it isn’t fun.


This weekend, my youngest and I inaugurated a new cookbook:  Nigellissima, by Nigella Lawson.  He looked through all the pictures, and made his choice. Panettone French Toast with Pomegranates.

After a grocery excursion, we dug in.  First, the pomegranates.  I tried dislodging the seeds by whacking the outside shell with the flat side of a chef’s knife.  My son used the meat tenderizer on his half.  Guess whose tool worked best?

IMG_5862Soon we had soaked bread sizzling in the skillet,

IMG_5890and it was time to hug the sous chefs.

IMG_5877There goes our Health Department rating for the month.

The french toast turned out great.  We recommend the recipe, and the cookbook.


And the blogging, too.